Nourish to Flourish: The HydraGarden Plant Feed Chart and Schedule

Nourish to Flourish: The HydraGarden Plant Feed Chart and Schedule

Creating a thriving garden begins with understanding the nutritional needs of your plants.

In this guide, we’ve created a simple yet effective feeding schedule that ensures your plants receive the perfect mix of nutrients at each stage of growth.

Whether you’re a gardening guru or just getting your hands dirty for the first time, you’ll find easy tips and clear instructions to help your plants grow strong and healthy.

Before You Begin

Carefully review the following tips before getting started.

Watering Essentials

    Always mix your liquid nutrients with water. Water your plants until you see about 20% runoff to ensure they’re getting just enough.

    Optimal pH Levels

      Monitor your pH levels to ensure your plants can absorb all the nutrients you feed them. Optimal levels are:

        • Hydroponic: pH 5.8
        • Soil/Soilless: pH 6-6.7
        • Coco Coir: pH 5.8

      Measurement Conversions

        For precise nutrient mixing, use the following conversions:

        Common Measurement

        Metric Equivalent

        Imperial Equivalent

        1 Capful

        5 ml

        0.17 oz

        1 Teaspoon

        5 ml

        0.17 oz

        1 Tablespoon

        15 ml

        0.51 oz

        ¼ Cup

        63 ml

        2 oz

        1 Cup

        250 ml

        8 oz

        5 Capfuls

        25 ml

        1 oz

        1 Liter

        1000 ml

        0.26 gal

        3.79 Liters

        3790 ml

        1 gal

        The Feed Chart

        Hydroponic Fertilizer Instructions

        Please Note:

        • HydraGrow and HydraBloom are 2-part formulas. Mix part A into your water container first, then part B into the same container.
        • We recommend using Hydra Cal-Mag in between the base feedings of HydraGrow and HydraBloom.
        • If growing in soil or growing for the first time, cut the dosage in half and feed less often.

        Hydra Grow (A+B)

        Feed your plants HydraGrow once per week.

        • Weeks 1 & 2: Start with a weekly 1.25 ml/L dosage.
        • Weeks 3-5: Increase dosage to 5ml/L
        • Weeks 6-12: Continue 5ml/L dosage throughout the remainder of the fruiting & blooming stage.

        Hydra Bloom (A+B)

        Start HydraBloom at first sight of flowering, fruiting, or light change. 

        • Week 6: Start with a 2.5ml/L dosage.
        • Weeks 7-9: Increase dosage to 5ml/L.
        • Week 10: Increase dosage again to 6.5ml/L for one week.
        • Week 11: Go back to a 5ml/L dosage for the final week.

        Hydra Cal-Mag

        Hydra Cal-Mag can be used for hydroponics and as a foliar spray.


        • Week 1: Start with a 0.75ml/L dosage.
          • Weeks 2-5: Increase to a weekly 1.25ml/L dosage.
          • Weeks 6-8: Return to a weekly 0.75ml/L dosage for the first half of the flowering & fruiting stage.
          • Weeks 9-12: Continue watering with a 0.75ml/L dosage as needed or for the remainder of the flowering & fruiting period.

          Foliar Spray

          • Weeks 2-6: Use 1 ml/L of the solution once a week.
            • Note: Do not spray the solution directly onto vegetables or flowers. Only spray when lights are off or at dawn/dusk.

            Soil Fertilizer Instructions

            Hydra Greens

            Begin with a more concentrated feed, then taper.

            • Weeks 1-8: Start with a 5ml/L dosage, feeding your plants every other week––on weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7.
            • Weeks 9-12: Decrease your dosage to 2.5ml/L, feeding them every other week––on weeks 9 and 11.

            Note: Cut the dosage in half and feed less often for less demanding house plants.

            Hydra Bloom (Flower Basket Edition)

            Designed specifically for flourishing blooms.

            • Week 1: Start with a 2.5ml/L dosage.
            • Week 2: No feeding.
            • Weeks 3-12: Starting week 3, increase to a 5ml/L dosage, with 1 week on, 2 weeks off––only feeding your plants on weeks 3, 6, 9, and 12.

            Note: For potted flowers with fertilizer pellets mixed into the soil, cut the dosage in half and feed less often.


            Hydra Veggies

            Start at the first sign of flowers or fruiting.

          • Week 5: Start with a 2.5ml/L dosage.
          • Weeks 6-12: Starting on week 6, increase to a 5ml/L dosage every other week––on weeks 6, 8, 10, and 12.
          • Cultivate With Confidence

            Sticking to the feeding schedule is just the start of your plant care journey. But don't forget to watch and listen to your plants—your attention and adaptability are the tools that will help you excel. 

            Keep this guide handy as you mix, measure, and marvel at the growth your care brings. If questions sprout or you’re unsure about your plant’s needs, reach outwe’re here to help your garden thrive.

            Here’s to the joys of planting, nurturing, and harvesting your success!

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