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We're all about bringing the green vibes to urban living. Born out of a passion for gardening, we're on a mission to make home gardening a breeze, letting you grow veggies, herbs, and plants right from your cozy space. Our journey is about creating a bridge between nature and healthy living. 🌿✨

The Alchemist Behind Our Formulas

Meet Ezra BooBoo, the green-thumbed legend who kickstarted his journey in the early 1980s. Hailing from a lineage of agricultural expertise in Israel, Ezra's roots in gardening began at a tender age. He enthusiastically embraced hydroponics, cultivating everything from aquarium plants to blueberries using innovative cultivation methods.

Ezra's quest for simplicity and powerful interactions among ingredients led to the birth of his first 2 nutrient blends in 1985.  With 38+ years of expertise, Ezra's green symphony, featuring flood tables, water culture, and more, continues to resonate, making him the go-to guru for all things hydroponics and soil gardening.

We partnered with Ezra in 2019 and created HydraGarden, a line of specialized liquid nutrients for the modern home gardener.

The HydraGarden Difference

Premium Quality

Our formulas avoid cheap ingredients, using only the finest components mixed with pure filtered water, providing a hassle-free, effective gardening experience.

Small-Batch Excellence

We specialize in crafting premium, small batch fertilizers tailored to the diverse needs of plants, gardens, fruits, and vegetables. Each batch is formulated, ensuring not just the growth but the blooming and thriving of every green life it nourishes.

Decades of Expertise

Developed over 40 years by Ezra Boo Boo, our fertilizers promise faster growth, optimized development, and vibrant, healthy plants, making your garden the envy of the neighborhood.


Our concentrated formulas are suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts. Compatible with all growing methods, including hydroponics, soil, soilless, coir, promix, our fertilizers offer versatility without compromising efficacy.

Made in Canada

By choosing hand-crafted small-batch premium plant fertilizers, you're nurturing your plants and supporting independent Canadian family-owned business owners, adding a personal touch to your gardening experience.

Meet the Founders

Anthony Miko

The powerhouse and visionary behind HydraGarden! With a dynamic 12 years in B2B sales and an entrepreneurial mindset, he's not just transforming home gardening; he's also a family guy who loves spending quality time hunting, fishing, and gaming with his two awesome daughters.

Jonathan Moldaver

The strategic wizard at HydraGarden! With 13 years of business management smarts and a true love for gardening, he's the brains behind our operations. When he's not rocking the business world, he's all about teamwork and growth, whether in the office or enjoying family time.

Andrew Ribeiro

The backbone of HydraGarden! With 15 years of construction and management know-how and a genuine love for gardening, he's the heart, expert and educator of our team. As a devoted dad, he brings the same hands-on care and creativity to HydraGarden that he does to his parenting role.

HydraGarden Timeline

Andrew's Instagram page unifies the founders' passion for outdoors and gardening.
Identifying a market gap, the group forms Cybele Labs, inspired by the Greek goddess symbolizing Mother Earth.
Initial label designs and Cybele Labs officially registered and fully incorporated.
Launch of HydraGrow and HydraBloom, gaining traction on Amazon and climbing to the top in the Garden Fertilizers category.
Cybele Labs introduces HydraCalMag, expanding product offerings.
Late 2021
pH Up and Down added, broadening the product lineup.
Early 2022
Launch of single-part formulas HydraGreens and HydraBloom Flower Basket Edition, emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness in all growing methods.
Mid 2022
Product launch in the United States.
Cybele Labs rebrands as HydraGarden.

HydraGarden is more than a brand – we’re a community of gardening enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the wonder of gardening into every home. Join us in nurturing a greener, more sustainable future.

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