The EVE Tower Garden
The EVE Tower Garden
The EVE Tower Garden
The EVE Tower Garden
The EVE Tower Garden
The EVE Tower Garden

The EVE Tower Garden

The EVE Tower Garden

Always wanted to grow your own garden but you've never had the time and space? Meet the EVE - a space-sensitive indoor garden built into a beautiful furniture piece.Welcome to the future of food.


  •  Self-Sufficient
  •  Beautiful Design
  •  Real Wood
  •  Low Maintenance
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  • 2-year warranty
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 Introducing the Eve

Experience hassle-free gardening with Just Vertical's luxury-designed garden unit that blends seamlessly into any living space. With real wood construction and a sleek design, it enhances your decor without distracting from it. Water your plants only once every two weeks, perfect for those who love to travel. Simply plug in the unit, place the seed pods, fill the water reservoir, and watch your garden flourish—no green thumb needed.

  • Grow 12 plants at once – think fresh herbs every day
  • Less than 8 inches deep and 18 inches wide - takes up less space than a potted plant
  • Worried that you'll forget to water your plants? The Just Vertical system is smart, so it waters the plants for you automatically 48 times a day…. The days of killing all your potted plants are over
  • Built-in LED grow lights so you don’t need to worry about natural light
  • Comes fully assembled - we aren’t your typical Swedish retailer
  • Everything you need to get started is included. Simply find an outlet to plug in your new garden (don’t worry Just Vertical provides a power bar in case you don’t have one)
  • Great for growing fresh, fragrant Basil, colorful Merlot Lettuce, and all kinds of herbs and leafy greens

Here for a Lifetime: Just Vertical is Green Business Certified, ensuring you’re helping build a better world. With over 100 positive endorsements from happy customers, our Growing Guarantee certifies your plants grow or we send new ones for free. Just Vertical builds only quality products, backed by a rock-solid 2-year warranty. Committed to sustainable practices, their gardens are made using recycled plastics.

Your Starter Kit

We include everything you need to grow for a full year.
  • What Comes With Your EVE
  • 1L Nutrients
  • 1L HydraCalMag
  •  1 Seedling Kit

All Plants can Grow in EVE!

Your unit will ship with the following seeds.

  • 48 x Green Butter Lettuce plants
  • 48 x Red Butter Lettuce plants
  • 32 x Mustard Greens plants
  • 32 x Pak Choi plants
  • 32 x Basil plants
  • 16 x Peppermint plants
  • 16 x Chives plants
  • 16 x Dill plants

Find A Spot & Plug It In

No special treatment required. The AEVA & EVE plug right into a regular electrical socket and both gardens are designed to fit into just about any space in your home.

Add Your Seed Pods

The AEVA & EVE come with a starter pack of 16 seeds. Simply place the seeds in the grow plugs. Then start your seeds in our free seedling kits that come with each garden.

Transplant & Grow

Transplant your seedlings into your Just Vertical garden, fill it with water, and let your brand-new indoor farm do the rest of the heavy lifting.

Order Processing

Orders are processed in their facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Their shipping partner carrier will reach out to coordinate a delivery time that works for you.

The AEVA will be delivered via a specialty furniture carrier local to you and will come with a tracking number.

EVE orders are being delivered by UPS and will also include a tracking number.


AEVA & EVE orders ship weekly on Thursdays from their facility in Toronto, Ontario. Depending on the day of your order during the week, it can take up to a maximum of 7 days for your order to leave our facility.

Shipping in the Canadian Territories: Please reach out to us at For shipment to remote locations, an extra fee may be applied.


Delivery times are dependent on your proximity to our manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Delivery times can vary between 1 business to 14 business days from the shipping date.


The AEVA and EVE come fully assembled.
Simple to use and hassle-free, the AEVA will be dropped off at the front of your door. Simply find a place for it and start growing. As for the EVE, simply put the 4 legs and you're all set!

Customer Reviews

The smaller Just Vertical garden. Designed for smaller spaces and urban or city dwellers. Great for growing herbs, vegetables, and leafy greens.

Just Vertical designed breathtaking indoor gardens for every family, every home, and every lifestyle. Grow herbs, vegetables, and fruit with furniture that feeds you. Their gardens are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada.

Produce Payback Promise

Who said money doesn’t grow on trees? Stop paying too much for produce at the grocery store. Grow your garden investment back in a year. That’s right. Just Vertical will give you all the supplies you need to grow $799, $1199, or $2499 worth of produce with every new garden - for free.

Join the real food revolution, resist damaging industrial agriculture, and grow your own food.